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If you have the ability to write long stories, you can first register for serialization on a regular literary website to earn popularity. If you have popularity, you can become a contract author and codewords can make money. But this is very hard. It is said that some Internet writers have to update 10,000 words a day on average. After you become famous, you can try paper media and traditional publishing. If you sell well, you can collect royalties.

For example, Time and Space Hunter, Dota Legend, these games have distinct characteristics, that is, they are very popular. Popular games can make money by upgrading their selling accounts. In addition, if the game type allows, you can also play some equipment to sell.

If you want to make quick money with zero investment on the Internet, in fact, the current mobile phone projects are very good, especially the Apple mobile phone, you can make 40 or 50 yuan in less than half an hour, which is definitely a high hourly salary in the free project. Free projects are currently mainly based on app downloads and installations. Other Shenma WeChat makes money unreliable, and it is difficult to make money alone.

Everyone doesn't understand, think it is a stamp technical work, at least some of them think that the current chapters are all hand-carved! In fact, it's not...Other people have misunderstandings about the types of chapters, thinking that they can only engrave official seals and know nothing about other chapters. So the engraved chapters are too scarce. The last objective reason is that the business license is not easy to handle.

2. Responsible for important operational indicators such as traffic, conversion rate, and ROI, formulate plans for make money instantly online writingpromotion, ranking optimization, bidding promotion, event promotion, social media promotion, etc., and implement them to complete sales targets;

One, do things not be specific enough. Most online earners are more impetuous and eager for quick success. When I saw someone else making money from an online earning project, I immediately followed it. I thought I could get a share of the money. After working for a few days, I heard that a new online earning project was released. I was afraid that I would miss it. After a while, I heard that foreign projects are more profitable, and then abandoned the original to study foreign projects. You must know that if you want to eat more, you can’t digest it. If this has always been the case, what will end up? Will be a little bit and not refined, in the end the money is not made and time is wasted.

Wherever the traffic is, we can find it, usually from QQ groups, WeChat groups, Tieba, interest tribes, and short video platforms to our WeChat. As for which platform is right for us, we can only go by ourselves. For testing, channels need to be developed by themselves.