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Generally, mosquito repellent is a box with a heater and a few bottles of mosquito repellent. The price is 20-50 yuan, and the cost may be a few to ten yuan. You can buy it online or wholesale from the manufacturer.

There are currently two main recommended ways to make money on mobile phones. You can do the following two. Do the above first, and then do the following after earning.

In these e-commerce platforms, not only can we share products and earn money, we can also earn commissions by developing our own offline and inviting friends to participate in the e-commerce platform. It is equivalent to the type of upper and lower level of micro business. As long as you invite more friends and invite good friends and make more money, then you can lie down and make money without doing anything. As long as you manage your own team, you will benefit from doing nothing every day.

This policy has little effect on online earning blogs or promoters? Of course, this is about the level of withdrawal. We usually only withdraw cash when we accumulate to RMB 30 or even RMB 50. Obviously, once the fee is charged, the enthusiasm of novice friends will be reduced, and our income will be reduced in a straight line. Hope I am talking nonsense. "

No matter which kind you are, I think you will be able to succeed. The premise is that you must hold a method or technique. If you just follow the trend blindly, it is difficult to make money. Many webmasters have been on the Internet for so long and have not made any money. It is impossible that you have no experience, resources, and skills.

Similarly, this part needs to be comprehensively considered based on the market and the store. It is necessary to consider that the product can cater to the vast majority of consumers, while maintaining a certain style.

Buy pots and a variety of easy-to-live and beautiful plants, search for ways to grow small potted plants at home, and wait for small potted plants to grow out. The task is 300 yuan, then you can take them to the night market and sell them at night. Planting small flowers and grass is more fulfilling and also kills the time.

The fourth step: Baidu pays more attention to user experience. In today's Internet age, a large amount of spam is flooding the Internet. Without users, Baidu will gradually die. Baidu has updated a series of algorithms to build a clean Internet world for the majority of netizens. Only with a good user experience, Baidu can go further and further in the search engine market.